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Contradiction sideboard 101

Dimensions: width 101cm, height 106cm, depth 40cm, weight 25kg.

Color: white-black pickled (structure in white color, decorative panels in black color).

Material: natural crash bamboo with glossy finish.

Features: 2 doors + 1 comfortable central drawer.

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Elegant and refined, the Contradiction sideboard 101 is made of white pickled crash bamboo and embellished with two black decorative panels (also these in crash bamboo), which enhance the overall charm and underline the ethnic and exotic soul of this beautiful piece of furniture. To give greater cleanliness in the lines, drawer and doors are deliberately without handles and adopt the push-pull opening system (opening takes place with a slight pressure). The attention to detail can also be seen in the drawer, which slide on Teflon guides and wheels. It should be noted that the structure, back, doors, front and bottom of the drawer are made of plywood, subsequently covered in crash bamboo. The doors are also divided by a central partition. The sideboard frame is made of wood with dovetail joint technique; technique that allows greater structural solidity and resistance over time.

The Contradiction sideboard 101 stands out for its linear shapes and with the other furniture of the same line (dresser, bedside table, wardrobe, headboard, bed frame container and mirror), it finds space in many furnishing solutions such as entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. Note: is also available Contradiction sideboard 200 with more generous dimensions. Article visible below in related products.

What is pickling: painting technique that allows, after having dyed the furniture and through a meticulous processing with abrasive paper, to glimpse the underlying natural material. After sanding, a wax-based product or similar is also applied which, in addition to giving shine to the furniture, fixes the color permanently.

Important: remember that Bortoli Snc, whenever he deems it necessary to improve the quality of the product, he reserves the right to make technical changes, without prior notice and without this being a reason for recourse against our company. The colors (wood, fabrics and leathers), visible on our website and in the pdf catalog, have indicative value and may not fully correspond to reality. The characteristics of the materials used (wood) can give rise to color differences precisely because they come from exotic woods, for which the irregularity of the structure is considered an added value.

History: Bortoli was born in the late 1800s as a family business of basket weavers company. For decades, its focus has been on the processing of rattan and cane and in the creation of straw chairs. In the most recent eighties the company also started producing furniture such as, classic sitting rooms, dining rooms and living rooms, with important specialization in the processing of rattan cane. In the mid-nineties, with the entry of additional natural plant fibers such as crocco and abaca, Bortoli further expands its horizons, and today with the advent of the crash-bamboo, it is able to create furnishings of any kind on linear designs, suitable for the high demands of the Italian market. Products with a modern and unique design, made with ethnic materials, which are unequaled in the current panorama. Furnishings with a refined and warm taste, able to adapt to any housing need. Now in its third generation, the company aims for even more demanding and prestigious furnishing elements such as beds, large living rooms and bookcases. This is also thanks to a partnership with an important Indonesian manufacturing company, capable of creating special models with special processes, all strictly handmade.

For indoor use.


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