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Surya dining table

Dimensions: 180x100cm, height 78cm, weight 95kg.

Color: honey.

Material: natural bamboo with crocus finishes.

Features: decorative niche placed under the support surface. 6mm thick transparent tempered glass top.

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Made of giant bamboo and given its large size, the Surya dining table catches attention at first glance. Product with indisputable ethnic charm, embellished with original decorative niche placed under the glass top and with evocative crocus weave that wraps around the legs. Assembled entirely by hand, the Surya table finds natural combination with the homonymous chair and if accompanied with the other products of the same line, it can give life to multiple furnishing projects, providing the right exotic touch to any location.

We want to remind you that all Bortoli products are absolutely customizable. Precisely for this reason and in the case of special needs, we invite you to contact us. With the help of our technical department we will be able to find the right solutions to your requests.

Bamboo: although in our continent, it may be of recent diffusion, bamboo has deep roots in the Asian tradition, since it is a material of plant origin present in abundant quantities mainly in the subtropical area. Plant that has a variable diameter, between 5 and 20 cm and a wall thickness that can even reach 2 cm. For this reason it is also commonly called "vegetable steel" as it has the same characteristics of hardness, with a double resistance to compression compared to that of concrete. Bamboo, now widely used in the world of design furniture, is a material with interesting properties. Today, it is increasingly important to find alternatives to traditional materials and this is why it is also gaining more and more interest in eco-friendly furnishings.

Crocus: the crocus, which in the Kalimantan language is also commonly called Buaya (crocodile), is none other than the thinnest part of the rattan, that is, the thinnest branches. The nickname "crocodile" comes from the fact that the bark, in its natural state, is dark in color with green copping, which is why it is similar to the skin of the famous reptile. Extremely light and robust, this part of the plant appears as the perfect material for creating unique and absolutely impressive complements. Natural material that best summarizes two necessary and indispensable requirements for the creation of furniture and design objects, that is lightness and resistance.

Important: remember that Bortoli Snc, whenever he deems it necessary to improve the quality of the product, he reserves the right to make technical changes, without prior notice and without this being a reason for recourse against our company. The colors (wood, fabrics and leathers), visible on our website and in the pdf catalog, have indicative value and may not fully correspond to reality. The characteristics of the materials used (wood) can give rise to color differences precisely because they come from exotic woods, for which the irregularity of the structure is considered an added value.

History: Bortoli was born in the late 1800s as a family business of basket weavers company. For decades, its focus has been on the processing of rattan and cane and in the creation of straw chairs. In the most recent eighties the company also started producing furniture such as, classic sitting rooms, dining rooms and living rooms, with important specialization in the processing of rattan cane. In the mid-nineties, with the entry of additional natural plant fibers such as crocco and abaca, Bortoli further expands its horizons, and today with the advent of the crash-bamboo, it is able to create furnishings of any kind on linear designs, suitable for the high demands of the Italian market. Products with a modern and unique design, made with ethnic materials, which are unequaled in the current panorama. Furnishings with a refined and warm taste, able to adapt to any housing need. Now in its third generation, the company aims for even more demanding and prestigious furnishing elements such as beds, large living rooms and bookcases. This is also thanks to a partnership with an important Indonesian manufacturing company, capable of creating special models with special processes, all strictly handmade.

For indoor use.


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LineSurya line
MaterialGiant bamboo
FeaturesTempered glass top

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