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Dimensions (5): see below.

Colors: natural blond, salt and pepper, toasted black.

Material: natural cork recomposed through the use of natural rubber latex-based glue.

Characteristics: thanks to its intrinsic properties, cork is soft, elastic, fireproof and water repellent. Transparent plexiglass top.

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  • Height 45cm
  • Height 55cm
  • Height 65cm
  • Height 75cm
  • Height 100cm

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Corkpouf table is the ingenious evolution of the stool of the same name. A table in the shape of a sparkling wine cork stopper. The structure is the same as the stool but with the addition of a transparent and washable plexiglass top with a thickness of 10mm. Note that the top is supported by 4 steel feet, specially embedded in the structure. From the smallest to the largest, Corkpouf table can be a practical coffee table, as well as a stylish bar table for an aperitif or lunch. Perfect in any location, indoor or outdoor, it is ideal for completing the furnishing of rooms such as cellars, wine bars, but also private spaces, giving the environment a touch of elegance and originality. Table that perfectly embodies the founding idea of the Greencorks project: that is, the reuse of cork. Product made entirely "full" of natural cork, with excellent adhesion to different surfaces, therefore it does not create scratches as the material does not have abrasive bases. Protected with transparent water-based varnish, to preserve the good health of the cork and maintain yield and beauty over time. If you want to see other Greencorks items, please look below in related products.

Characteristics and weight of the various models:

- Model h45: effective height 47cm, top Ø 40cm, weight from 4,5 to 4,8kg.

- Model h55: effective height 57cm, top Ø 40cm, weight from 8,3 to 8,7kg.

- Model h65: effective height 68cm, top Ø 60cm, weight from 12 to 13kg.

- Model h75: effective height 78cm, top Ø 60cm, weight from 13 to 15kg.

- Model h100: effective height 100cm, top Ø 60cm, weight from 41 to 44kg.

Note: due to the roasting, black cork has a slightly lower mass than blond cork. For this reason the weight in the different colors varies a little.


- Blond cork: after being properly washed and treated, cork takes on a brownish yellow color in a completely natural way, precisely called blond cork.

- Toasted black cork: this color (anab certified) is obtained by roasting natural blond cork. The result of the thermal roasting process, during which the bark of the cork loses some waxy substances, does not make the cork of poor quality, but rather increases its performance as it is more compact and lighter, given that the chopped pieces, brought to high temperatures increase in volume and at the same time decrease in mass.

- Salt and pepper cork: this color, introduced starting from the 2018 collection, is the result of simple mixing with 50% blond cork and 50% toasted black cork.

For indoor and outdoor use.


- With product available in stock 4/5 working days.

- With product not available and to be made in the factory, 20 working days. In this case, as soon as you have placed your order and to notify you of the longer wait, you will be contacted immediately by our staff. Note: Greencorks is a artisan company, therefore unlike an industry, it does not have large quantities in stock. Each product is made at the express request of the customer.


Greencorks has been making cork furniture, including customized ones, since 2008. Greencorks® Project was born from an idea of MCA & Partners Architectural Firm. It started as a challenge deriving from the desire to promote the theme of sustainability and encouraging the reuse of cork. This natural and everlasting material can be durable and renewable at the same time, and it can be recycled countless times. From these principles, the Greencorks designers today design and manufacture various furnishing objects deriving from the recovery and recycling of cork: a key material for wine conservation, but also an incredible CO2 fixer, a process that is carried out through the bark of the trees from which it is extracted. Just think that 7 grams of cork (a stopper) correspond to 21 grams of CO2 fixed for the environment. After having carried out careful studies also with regard to strictly natural adhesives.

MaterialNatural cork
FeaturesProduct also suitable for outdoor use
TopTransparent plexiglass top

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