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Dimensions (6): ø120cm / ø140cm / ø160cm / ø180cm / ø220cm / ø250cm, thickness 10mm, weight from 4 to 16kg.

Colors: see below.

Material: 100% OLYNA braid, patented mass-dyed Italian yarn, water-repellent.

Note: upon request and at no extra charge, the rug can also be made with braids in several colors.

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  • ø120cm
  • ø140cm
  • ø160cm
  • ø180cm
  • ø220cm
  • ø250cm

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The stupendous NODO rugs collection, here in the Vulcano model, stands out for its practicality, long life and absolute elegance. 6 different models (Bellagio, Saint-Tropez, Portofino, Montecarlo, Vulcano and Fabric Panama) each with a different type of weave and color range. Rugs which, thanks to the innovative weaving in 100% Olyna yarn, can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects.

In fact, the rug is made of a particular mass-dyed Italian yarn, with special antioxidant UV protection. Extremely soft and pleasant to the touch yarn, obtained through a patented process. The resulting braid, with high tenacity and textile resistance, is able to resist sunlight, salt, chlorine, acids, sun creams, abrasion, sweat and stains for many years, as well as being water-repellent.

Rugs available in various shapes, colors and sizes, able to find the right place (private or contract), both in refined living areas, such as dining rooms or living rooms, but also in sophisticated outdoor projects, such as terraces, verandas or porches. All rugs are hand made and sizes are subject to a dimensional tolerance of +/- 3%. Note: upon request and with supplement, dimensions greater than 12 m2 are possible, up to a maximum of 18 m2.

NODO introduces a new concept of furniture, where the many products that make up the various collections can merge with each other, giving life to previously unattainable projects. This is thanks to the precise color scheme of the weave, which can be the same, regardless of the chosen article. For example, if requested, the armchair, sofa, pouf and rug, can therefore have the same color of the yarn throughout the composition, with a truly unique and prestigious overall result.

For indoor and outdoor use.


- 3/4 working days with product available in stock.

- 20 working days with product not available in stock and to be made in the factory. Note: in this case, as soon as we receive your order, you will be immediately contacted by e-mail by our staff to notify you of the longer wait. At that moment you can decide whether to wait for the goods for the due time, or if on the contrary proceed with the cancellation.

Company: NODO is a brand of Leolori SRL, an established Italian company specializing in the production of high quality braids, fabrics, rugs and accessories. Having this know-how, research and development, the company has decided to expand its craftsmanship and to focus on a further and new project; therefore NODO is born. An absolutely made in Italy production district, based in the Groane region (park north of Milan), which produces high-end furnishings and accessories, for interior and outdoor. Products embellished with various and special polyolefin yarns, non-toxic and antibacterial. Precisely for this reason, all NODO products are certified with Weather Test and Xeno Test.

Important characteristics of the braid:

- Recyclable 100%, atoxic and antiallergic, according to OEKO-TEX standard 100 class 1.

- 100% resistant to mould and bacteria, as well as 100% sanitizable with hydroalcoholic solution or sodium hypochlorite.

- Excellent UV resistance - EN ISO 105 B 02 light resistance: graded 7 (Max. 8 blue scale).

- Excellent weather resistance - EN ISO 105 B 04 weather resistance: graded 4 (Max. 5 grey scale).

- Excellent results to dry and wet friction tests - EN ISO 105-X12 graded 4-5 (Max. 5).

- Excellent resistance to liquid stains, including sunscreen cream: EN ISO 12720 graded ⁴/5 (Max. 5).

Care and Cleaning: when not in use, the product should be stored in a dry place to prevent dirt in general. Frequent vacuuming or light brushing is recommended to remove dust. Most dirt and stains can be cleaned if treated promptly. The fabric can be washed at a low temperature (<90° F / 30° C) with warm water using neutral soap. Do not dry in electric dryers and do not iron the fabric. Excessive heat shrinks the fabric, so allow it to air dry.

Stain removal - Non-greasy marks: clean stains with warm water with half a tablespoon of any standard detergent in a cup of hot water. Dab the stain with a cloth or sponge dampened with this solution, working inwards from the outside of the stain. Do not rub it. Once the spot is removed, sprinkle the area with clean water to remove possible traces of powder. Do not use stain removers. If using a chlorine-rich cleaner, do not leave it to dry in direct sunlight. Oil or grease spots: butter, oil, lipstick and the like must be removed with acetone. Once the mark has been removed, apply a solution of washing powder to the braid and rinse it off with clean water.

MaterialStitched with 100% OLYNA braid
FeaturesDouble-sided rug
FormatVarious combinations

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