Vase Cache-Pot Genesis round high, Veca

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Vase Cache-Pot Genesis round high

Available in 3 variants dimension and 6 variants color.


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  • D31xH70
  • D38xH85
  • D45xH100

70,96 €

tax incl.

88,70 € tax incl.


minimum order vies companies

External diameter cm31, internal diameter cm25, height cm70, base cm24, weight 2,6 kg

External diameter cm38, internal diameter cm34, height cm85, base cm28, weight 3,3 kg

Exteranl diameter cm45, internal diameter cm40, height cm100, base cm34, weight 5,5 kg

Available colors: bronze, anthrancite, taupe, green anise, oriental red, white.

IMPORTANT: the cachepot, stands from common vases for the presence of a double bottom to approximately 2/3 of its height. This important detail, allows you to place the vase on top of the double bottom, thus is possible weighing down (your choice) with gravel or sand the underside. The double bottom can be easily removed.

Depth of the double bottom according to the overall height of the vase:

With tall vase 70cm, the double bottom is at a depth of 20cm.

With tall vase 85cm, the double bottom is at a depth of 26cm.

With tall vase 100cm, the double bottom is at a depth of 30cm.

The Cache-Pot Genesis round high is a vase that can be matched in any context, elegant and refined, demonstrating its great practicality and functionality, another one great product that can turn into a real design element, as indeed happens with all vases designed by VECA.

With modern design, and with essential lines and clean, Chache-Pot Genesis round high is an product from the high quality construction, available in 3 heights and sizes different and 6 beautiful chromatic variations that are able to transform in elegant and refined way yours outdoor space as well as the interior of your home.

Product made with polyethylene using a rotational technique. All vases VECA are impact resistant and are 100% non-toxics, UV-resistants and with hand finishing, design and production rigorously made in Italy.

Important: to note that the Cache-Pot Genesis round high is available also in the variant with internal lighting or in the variant with polished treatment of the surface.

Delivery within 7 working days.