Vase cachepot Cosmos square high with light, VECA

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Vase cachepot Cosmos square high with light, VECA Expand

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Vase cachepot Cosmos square high with light

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  • Battery powered LED kit
  • LED bulb with DC power supply

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External dimension cm40x40, internal dimension cm34x34, height cm85, base cm40x40, weight 12 kg

Standard lighting Led system: stainless steel base with bulb E27 18W 230V at cold white light 6.500°K. Power cord 1,40 mt and German plug/Schuko. IP65 with IP44 plug (bulb included).

Led RGB kit: working with rechargeable batteries and remote control. The kit is equipped with grade IP65. Illumination duration 10-12 hours recharge time 5/6 hours. The system is able to produce light color white, yellow, orange, red, blue, turquoise, blue, pink, fuchsia, green. In addition, with the remote control, you can set five different programs: fixed light, random, flash, strobe and fade, with further possibility to increase or decrease the intensity of lighting.

IMPORTANT: the cachepot, they stand out from ordinary vases for the presence of a double bottom to approximately 2/3 of its height. This important detail, allows you to place the vase on top of the double bottom, thus is possible weighing down (your choice) with gravel or sand the underside. The double bottom can be easily removed.

Depth of the double bottom according to the overall height of the vase:

With tall vase 85cm, the double bottom is at a depth of 26cm.

The cover vase cachepot Cosmos square high with light, is able to give a touch of design and modernity in any outdoor area.

Its height of 85 cm makes it especially suitable for outdoor environments of large dimensions and is ideal to place a corner of nature poolside.

With modern design, and from the essential lines and clean, the chachepot Cosmos square high is a high build quality product, a complement that will help make elegant and refined yours outdoor space as well as the interior of your home.

The lamp, positioned at the base of the vase, diffuses in a uniform manner and enveloping the light within the same, creating a unique atmosphere and welcoming (see attached following).

Product made with polyethylene using a rotational technique. All vases VECA are impact resistant and are 100% non-toxics, UV-resistants and with hand finishing, also note that the model in question is suitable for to be even fitted in on normally flammable surfaces, We remind finally you that the design and the production is rigorously made in Italy.

Important: to note that the cachepot Cosmos square high is available also in the version without internal lighting and 6 fantastic color tones.

For indoor and outdoor use.                    

Delivery within 3 working days.

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