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Kit LED for sun umbrellas maxi

Available in 3 different variants

Compatible for all our sun umbrellas maxi

Battery + battery charger available separately according to the necessity

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  • kit with 4 LED bars
  • kit with 8 LED bars
  • 8 barre LED esclusivo per Olimpo

312,32 €

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390,40 € tax incl.


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With the desire to satisfy all our customers, Ombrellificio Crema has developed its own LED kit compatible for all our sun umbrellas maxi.

Easy to install and from the undoubted result, our LED kit is able to donate greater charm to your sun umbrella, by integrating a warm brightness with low consumption and increasing thus the possibilities of employment. Moreover, thanks to the supplied remote control is possible to modulate the light at distance with a simple touch.

The kit is divided in 3 different typologies depending on the model of sun umbrella in possession and to the quantity of LED bars desired:

kit with 4 LED bars for sun umbrellas Elio, Adone, Efesto, Diomede and gazebo Leucos.

kit with 8 LED bars for sun umbrellas Elio, Adone, Efesto, Diomede and gazebo Leucos.

kit with 8 LED bars for the sole sun umbrella Olimpo.

LED Kit Contents:

- 50 cm LED bars with 28 LEDs each

- Low voltage 12 V power supply

- HF receiver with 3 m cables

- Diverter with plugs

- HF 4.33 wireless remote control with light regulation

- Nylon ties

- Batteries for remote control

Moreover be remembered that if in the vicinity of your sun umbrella there are no sockets for electric power, the possibility exists to order our battery kit comprises: 2 lead gel batteries from 28 Ah 12 V and battery charger. This kit allows a continuous illumination at maximum intensity for about 8 hours with kit to 4 bars and 4 hours with kit to 8 bars, recharge time of about 6 hours.

For further clarification and information, we invite you to download the assembly instructions that is located below the product tab.

Timing of delivery 7 working days.

We also wish to inform you that all the products of Ombrellificio Crema are absolutely made in Italy, from design to production, every solution created by this historic company circumvents by the laws of processing in series while maintaining the same authentic character and original of handmade product. The will of Ombrellificio Crema is to continue the great tradition of Made in Italy always offering high quality and research design.