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Maxi automatic sun umbrella ADONE 2.0

Available in 14 different sizes and formats (see below).

Available in 21 fabric colors, also visible in the "Download" section.

Available with lacquered white or anthracite lacquered frame and additional RAL colors, with supplement.

More details

  • Ø650cm
  • Ø700cm
  • Ø750cm
  • Ø800cm
  • 400x600cm
  • 500x500cm
  • 550x550cm
  • 550x650cm
  • 600x600cm
  • 650x650cm
  • 600x700cm
  • 500x600cm
  • 500x700cm
  • 700x700cm

6 824,19 €

tax incl.

8 530,24 € tax incl.


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Round Adone 2.0: Ø 550cm, Ø 600cm, Ø 650cm, Ø 700cm.

Square Adone 2.0: 350x350cm, 400X400cm, 450x450cm, 500x500cm, 550x550cm, 600x600cm.

Rectangular Adone 2.0: 400x500cm, 400x600cm, 450x550cm, 500x600cm, 500x700cm, 550x650cm.

Attention: the indicated price refers to the cost of the structure alone, complete with covering fabric. To know the price of the whole configuration and receive our estimate, It is necessary, your contact (telephone or e-mail), specifying the required size, as well as various accessories you need, listed below:

Adone 2.0 is a refined sun umbrella maxi with central column, evolution of the famous Adonis. This model, which takes its best characteristics, it differs for the electric and automatic opening and closing system (patented).

This system, indispensable in the larger versions, offers greater comfort of use, seen that Adone 2.0, in some variants, reaches opening dimensions really remarkable and greater than the Adone model. Watch the video you find at the bottom of the page.

It should also be pointed out that, in spite of the electric motor, Adone 2.0 is also equipped with a comfortable winch for opening or closing that, in case of emergency, due to lack of electricity or malfunctioning of the same engine, it guarantees identical service.

Adone 2.0 is a beautiful sun umbrella for professional use which can find space for use in any location: beach, poolside, restaurant, hotel, bar and much more.

The innate beauty and its clean design, combined with high robustness and practicality, make Adone 2.0, a fantastic outdoor furnishing accessory, able to make your outdoor space exclusive: private, Contract and Horeca. Furthermore, the accurate manufacturing quality and the excellent materials used, make this sun umbrella maxi, a point of reference in the modern market.

Standard features:

- telescopic pole of varnished aluminum

- components of zinc-plated varnished steel

- nuts, bolts and lifting eyebolt of stainless steel

- ribs of varnished aluminum

- central pole of zinc-plated varnished steel

- wind-proof chimney with aluminum frame

- CC 24 V electric motor

- opening, closing system with dimmer through push-button panel and HF remote control

- "solution dyed acrylic" fabric and border

- device patented for motorized opening and closure patent nr. 1390601 dated 25th july 2008

Components and accessories for completion:

- without edge, with edge, with worked edge

- support base of zinc-plated varnished steel with cement plates (Removable)

- underground base in galvanized steel for ground or reinforced concrete

- galvanized steel base with reduced overall dimensions for fixing to reinforced concrete

- base cover in galvanized steel and painted

- polyester sun umbrella cover with zip

- lighting LED: 4 integrated LED bars and staggered in the sun umbrella ribs, with 28 light points and 50cm in length each. The LEDs provide excellent brightness and low power consumption, increasing also charm and possibility of use. Remote control included with the possibility of modulating the light at a distance with a simple touch

- lighting full LED: LED bars integrated and installed in each ribs of the sun umbrella, with 28 light points and 50cm in length each. The LEDs provide excellent brightness and low power consumption, increasing also charm and possibility of use. Remote control included with the possibility of modulating the light at a distance with a simple touch

- infra-red heating. Revolving with bracket to fix, consuption 1500W, IPX5 protection rating, stainless steel grid, heated area aproximately 12-15 sqm. Possible and further options: 230Vac receiver with 0-100% dimmer function, "soft start" gradual departure, wireless remote control with heating regulation. We recommend the installation of two infra-red heating, installed in the slats in crossed way.

- cristal panel in transparent PVC film with border and thickness 0,30 mm, conjunction system with zip, UV treatment, weight ca. 370 gr/sqm. It is possible to request the number of panels and doors according to your needs.

- battery kit: in the event you do not have electricity outlets near your sun umbrella, you can buy our battery kit, composed of 2 lead batteries gel 28Ah 12V + battery charger. Visible accessory in the "Various accessories" category. This kit allows continuous illumination for 10 hours, with charging time of 5 hours.

Delivery time 20 working days. (each item is made to measure)

All the products of Crema Outdoor are absolutely made in Italy, from design to production. Every solution created by this historic company, circumvents by the laws of processing in series while maintaining the same authentic character and original of handmade product.

The will of Crema Outdoor is to continue the great tradition of Made in Italy, always offering high quality and research design.