Vase Cosmos Cube Sun with external light, Veca

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Veca Veca

Vase Cosmos Cube Sun with external light

Available in 2 variant dimensions and 8 variant colors.


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  • D45xH45
  • D55xH55

121,50 €

tax incl.

135,00 € tax incl.


minimum order vies companies

External dimension cm45x45, internal dimension cm38x38, height cm45, base cm45, weight 4,7 kg

External dimension cm55x55, internal dimension cm46x46, height cm55, base cm55, weight 6,7 kg

Available colors: white, gray, anthracite, taupe, bronze, green anise, oriental red, plum.

Endowed with great charm and elegance, The vase Cosmos Cube Sun it's able of valorise any outdoor space thanks to the cleanliness of its lines.

Product of quality and highly technological, thanks to the presence of a small photovoltaic panel and a battery that provide power to the LED lighting system.

The light produced has predominantly aesthetic function and decorative, to illuminate an alleyway, for giving the right importance to every corner or merely to sweeten the night.

The internal system, tested and extremely reliable, accumulates the sunlight during the day, even in the absence of intense sunny days, and at nightfall, automatically turns on until the morning following.

Product made with polyethylene using a rotational technique, impact resistant and 100% non-toxic, UV-resistant and with hand finishing, finally we remind you that the design and the production is rigorously made in Italy.

Delivery within 7 working days.