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VERTIGO OUTDOOR column lamp, LYXO Expand



Dimensions (3):

Height 55cm, ø 18,5cm, ø base 30cm, weight 1,7kg (metal base 5,3kg).

Height 110cm, ø 18,5cm, ø base 30cm, weight 2,7kg (metal base 6,3kg).

Height 170cm, ø 18,5cm, ø base 30cm, weight 4,5kg (metal base 7,7kg).

Color: white with three possible lighting systems, see below.

Material: polyethylene with UV treatment.

More details

  • LED bulb (cold white light) with DC power supply
  • Dichroic LED bulb with DC power supply
  • Multicolor LED battery kit
  • Height 55cm
  • Height 110cm
  • Height 170cm
  • Plastic
  • Metal

139,90 €

tax incl.

186,54 € tax incl.


Vertigo Outdoor column lamp illuminates evenings giving a touch of minimal and sophisticated class to the surrounding design. A ground lamp with simple and linear lines, able to integrate in any outdoor context, from the garden to the private terrace, as well as to the large contract space. The three lighting systems, they are designed to diffuse the light in a homogeneous way for the whole height of the lamp, creating a welcoming atmosphere full of charm.

Note: lamp available with plastic base or with powder-coated metal base. In the base there are three holes for the possible fixing to the floor (optional operation).

Standard lighting Led system: stainless steel base with 12W bulb at cold white light 6.500°K. Power cord 3mt and German plug / Schuko. IP65 with IP44 plug (bulb not included).

DICHROIC Led lighting system (only for the models with height 110 or 170cm): stainless steel base with 12W dichroic Led bulb cold white light 6.500°K. Power cord 3mt and German plug / Schuko. IP65 with IP44 plug (bulb not included).

Led RGBW kit: system equipped with rechargeable batteries and remote control. Recharging is done via an induction plate. The kit is equipped with grade IP68 and charging base IP20. Illumination duration 10-12 hours, recharge time 5/6 hours. The system is able to produce light in color: white, yellow, orange, red, blue, turquoise, blue, pink, fuchsia, green. Moreover, with the remote control it is possible to set up five different programs: fixed light, random, flash, strobe and fade, with further possibility to increase or decrease the intensity of lighting.

QUALITY THAT COUNTS: people determine success. LYXO is part of VECA S.p.a., a “Made in Italy” international brand that has been turning plastic into functional design for almost 30 years; 6 production plants with a total surface of 25.000 square meters, 40 innovative production machines both for injection and rotomoulding; exclusive use of 100% non-toxic and recyclable materials; 25 million pieces and 10.000 orders managed every year. Important numbers that tell a great reality.

TECHNOLOGY, IN THE HANDS OF ARTISANS: without the hand of man, technology is just mass production. The people who make up LYXO are evolved artisans: rotomoulding is the technology that enables to the plastic mould, to rotate on two axes at the right times and in a uniform and precise manner. But it is only the human intervention that defines the finished product, thanks to thorough checks of shapes and details that must be perfect. Only then a beautiful product becomes a LYXO product.

For indoor and outdoor use            

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FeaturesWith LED lighting system

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