Cushions set (only sitting) for BICA lounge set 4 places, Lollo Due

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Cushions set (only sitting) for BICA lounge set 4 places

Cushions set consisting of: 4 seat cushions.

Dimensions: 57x50cm, variable thickness (see below).

Made of mixed fabric, 50% cotton, 50% polyester, removable and compatible with all BICA lounge set.

More details

  • Without passepoil
  • With passepoil
  • 5.5cm
  • 6.5cm

99,90 €

tax incl.

111,00 € tax incl.



If you want the complete set "seat cushions + back cushions", look below in the related products.

In this page, you can buy a new cushion set for your BICA lounge set 4 places. Our cushions are compatible with all models of the line B:Rattan and B:Design and provide the possibility of making truly unique your lounge set with a wide variety of bright colors. Soft and elegant, they add further value at your composition. In addition it is also possible choose the desired thickness (5,5/6,5 cm) or add the finish "Passepoil".

The PASSEPOIL is a processing that involves the insertion of a border in Ultrasil for all the perimeter of the cushion, can be of the same color of the fabric (on request) or as in our case, to contrasting in anthracite color.

It must also be recalled that on your specific request, we can produce cushions in fabric fully waterproof, with further sealed internal lining for protecting the padding.

Be noted that to ensure maximum product life and maximum hygiene, all the cushions are completely removable and therefore easily washable.

Products strictly made in Italy.

Are in fact realized by Lollo Due S.r.l, an excellent textile company based in Vicenza and that for over 30 years, through its skilled craftsmen, designs and manufactures splendid articles.

The material used is a mixed fabric, 50% cotton and 50% polyester, certificate OEKO TEX® Standard 100, (in the case of article completely waterproofed the fabric is 100% polyester) and in any case, any fabric used is absolutely certificate OEKO TEX®.

Lastly, we remind you that our cushions they are produced and packaged exclusively on your demand, consequently, the delivery time required for the manufacturing and shipping is about 8 working days.


Minimum order € 99,00 (VAT included).

We wish to inform you that in the case of your purchase multi-brand the minimum order is € 99,00 (VAT included) for each brand.