Located in the central seafront of Messina, the exclusive LOVE'S Sushi Bar is a must in the elegant nightlife of Messina. Also for this reason, we at Italiving Outdoor, we are proud to have been chosen for the realization of some important furnishing components in the outdoor area. Mr. Roberto (owner of this wonderful restaurant), he wanted to give even more importance and singularity to the outdoor terrace, also creating a practical and original bar area. Well, we believe that images speak for themselves! Obviously, to take the lion's share is the splendid MARVY bar counter, however, the refinement of the ASSIA vases, with reference to the harmonious forms of the tulip, in addition to the NEBULA flower-box equipped with undeniable charm, give the final touch to a splendid combination of elegance and quality all made in Italy by LYXO.

A sincere thank you to all the staff at LOVE'S, keep it up! Filippo Gambato