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  • BICA

    The BICA company S.p.A. makes of its fifty years experience, its visiting card for ensure customers the reliability and sturdiness of which today's market hears an urgent need. The attention always focused towards innovation and market development completes the image of a company that does not stop to the success already consolidated but look to the future development and sees in the search of new solutions the key for a further growth.

  • Crema Outdoor

    History of Crema Outdoor

    The origin goes back to the end of nineteenth century.  From that period the firm has been run by the our family. My brother Alessandro and I belong to the fifth generation.

  • GAIA ferro forgiato

    Synonymous with excellence and with its historic headquarters in S. Quirico d’Orcia, Siena (Italy), Gaia designs and manufactures very high quality forged iron furnishings in a completely handcrafted way. Items that, thanks to the innate beauty and attention to detail, are able to definitively break any barrier that may classify and limit these products only for outdoor use. Armchairs, sofas, chairs and tables, able to stand out for the unmistakable harmony and lightness of the lines, as well as for a simple but unmistakable imprint, which can only give a true handcrafted product.

    Furnishings that contain shades of simplicity, elegance and art in a single object. For Gaia, the complexity of a sinuous line is only a stimulus to the imagination, thus transforming the raw metal into a unique piece. This is thanks to the high skill and passion of artisans, capable of forging the raw material, as in the past!

    MADE TO MEASURE - We also want to remind you that, in order to enhance and satisfy any location and need (domestic or professional), Gaia is able to create tailor-made projects of any kind. Pergolas, gazebos, greenhouses, dehors, pavilions, vases, gates, railings, lamps, lanterns, street lamps, canopies and much more. In this case, write to us by email illustrating your project, later you will be contacted by our design and development studio.

  • Greencorks

    Greencorks has been making cork furniture, including customized ones, since 2008.

  • LYXO

    LYXO BY VECA: Imagine a world without beauty. Impossible. That’s what we think in Lyxo too, where we add beauty to every inch of space. It is not just a promise: it is an irrepressible urge that makes us look beyond. Beyond a furnishing, an example of style. Beyond a working method, an efficiency model. Beyond a completed project, a satisfied customer. In Italy and abroad, at Lyxo you will find more than a design excellence: in the garden, in indoor spaces, in your place of business, welcome a spot of plastic beauty.

    QUALITY THAT COUNTS: people determine success. Numbers prepare for it: we are part of Veca, a “Made in Italy” international brand that has been turning plastic into functional design for almost 30 years; 6 production plants with a total surface of 25.000 square meters, 40 innovative production machines both for injection and rotomoulding; exclusive use of 100% non-toxic and recyclable materials; 25 million pieces and 10.000 orders managed every year. Numbers that count and tell who we are.

    TECHNOLOGY, IN THE HANDS OF ARTISANS: without the hand of man, technology is just mass production. In Lyxo we are evolved artisans: rotomoulding is the technology that enables plastic mould to rotate on two axes at the right times and in a uniform and precise manner. But it is only the human intervention that defines the finished product, thanks to thorough checks of shapes and details that must be perfect. Only then a beautiful product becomes a Lyxo product.

  • NODO

    NODO is a brand of Leolori SRL, an established Italian company specializing in the production of high quality braids, fabrics, rugs and accessories. Having this know-how, research and development, the company has decided to expand its craftsmanship and to focus on a further and new project; therefore NODO is born. An absolutely made in Italy production district, which produces high-end furnishings and accessories, for interiors and outdoors.

  • SCAB Design

    Scabdesign to Coccaglio (BS) Italy, since 1957.

    A great capacity of creation and attention to detail inherited from a long tradition make SCAB Design a symbol of Italian production.

  • Siesta

    The ISILPLAST A.S owner of the SIESTA brand, was established in 1978, it has been a leading player for over 30 years in the segment of plastic injection-moulding. The company has evolved continuously since the first injection-moulding press was purchased.

  • Skyline Design

    Skyline Design is a prestigious brand that offers exclusive furniture solutions, mainly in woven wood, for interior and outdoor design projects. Skyline Design is famous all over the world for the high quality of its products, all strictly handmade. Extremely widespread in the contract market such as hotels, restaurants and resorts, but now finally available also for the private customer.

  • Veca

    VECA is a company founded in 1988 and since its foundation has been steadily growing, from more 25 years designs and manufactures vases in polyethylene and polypropylene of elevated quality, and for this reason we at Italiving Outdoor we are proud to collaborate in close synergy with this great reality.