Privacy Policy

We are updating our privacy policy, in the meantime we invite you to consult the updated version in Italian.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 23 of the Privacy Code the affiliate acknowledges that it has received, through the reading of this contract, exhaustive information on the use of their personal data and its purpose and expressly authorizes Italiving Outdooral their treatment as part of the activities related to this contract.

Also authorises Italiving Outdoor to send periodic newsletters related to the activities of Italiving Outdoor, subject to the right of the affiliate to revoke this authorization at any time.

Italiving Outdoor guarantees that the personal data of the Affiliate will not be disseminated. However Italiving Outdoor has the right to disclose personal information to respond to requests for police or other officials of public authorities, relating to a criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity.

Italiving Outdoor also may disclose non-personal data, or data that alone are not sufficient to determine the identity of the Affiliate, such as age, sex, profession, and other personal identifying information such as hobbies and tastes, and use them for promotional, market research or economic analysis / statistics.

Italiving Outdoor will provide the personal identification data of the Affiliate only under the following conditions:

  • If strictly necessary to undertake rescue operations, transfer, reorganization, recovery, recovery, correction of the same.
  • If necessary to contact the Affiliate through management company addresses or to communicate the necessary data to the forwarding agents responsible for this service.