PDF Catalogues: BICA, VECA, LYXO, Crema Outdoor, SCAB, GAIA, NODO, Siesta Exclusive and Skyline Design

On this page you can find links to download the PDF catalogs of our brands.


Bica S.p.a. is a great and historic Italian company founded in 1967 that proposes the best solutions for garden furniture and not just: tables, tables garden, Camping tables, benches, chairs, garden chairs, camping chairs, sofas 2 places, sofas 3 places,outdoor lounge furniture 2 places, outdoor lounge furniture 3 places, terrace furniture, outdoor lounge furniture 2 places b:rattan, outdoor lounge furniture 3 places b:rattan, lounge chairs, cushioned chairs outdoor, upholstered armchairs Outdoor, beach loungers, sun loungers, clothes horse.

pdf BICA Venezia & Lido

pdf BICA Outdoor design colection

pdf BICA Garden& Home

pdf BICA Matrix


VECA S.p.a. is a large and prestigious Italian company which for over 25 years proposes the best solutions from high design in the field of outdoor vases from furnishing and not just: outdoor vases, internal vases, flower boxes, garden lamps.

Catalogue VECA 2022-2023


LYXO brand of VECA dedicated to indoor and outdoor furniture for retail and contract.



CREMA OUTDOOR is a prestigious and historic Italian company founded in the distant 1890, known for its production of professional sunshades to which is flanked a line of outdoor furnishings: professional sun umbrellas, sun maxi umbrellas, large garden umbrellas, aluminium outdoor chairs, aluminium outdoor tables, aluminium gazebo, aluminum sunbeds..

pdf Catalogue Crema Outdoor 2023


A great capacity of creation and attention to detail inherited from a long tradition make SCAB Design a symbol of Italian production in the production of tables and chairs of quality and design.

Extraordinary objects, which take shape from the principles of beauty and functionality. Infinite research for the perfection of matter, quality and style for home design and for the indoor and outdoor contract sector. A unique touch, to transform the ideal into the material.

pdf Catalogue Scab Design 2023

pdf Catalogue Scab Design outdoor 2023


Siesta Exclusive is a manufacturing and commercial group located in Istanbul, which share the objective of achieving leadership in their respective market segments.

Siesta produces an original, varied collection which is unique for an international clientele. The collection includes chairs and tables, all designed to be multifunctional and multi-purpose, user friendly and with an indisputable style. With their color, sense of irony, play on senses, and unique forms. Siesta products are immediately recognizable throughout the world, offering long lasting, practical enjoyment.

pdf Catalogue Siesta Exclusive Contract

pdf Catalogue Siesta Exclusive Rattan

pdf Catalogue Siesta Exclusive Wedding

pdf Catalogue Siesta Exclusive Garden


Skyline Design brand is famous all over the world for the high quality of its products, all strictly handmade.

Catalogue Skyline Design 2023


Here you can download the complete catalog of GAIA products. Historic company that designs and manufactures very high quality forged iron furnishings in a completely handcrafted way. Articles that contain shades of simplicity, elegance and art in a single object.

Catalogue Gaia 2021


Here you can download the complete catalogs of Greencorks products. Established Italian company that designs and manufactures furnishing objects in natural cork.

Catalogue Greencorks 2021

Catalogue Greencorks 2022


Here you can download the complete catalog of NODO products. Established Italian company that designs and produces high-end furnishings and accessories, for interior and outdoor.

Catalogue NODO