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Serpent side table

Dimensions: height 45cm, width 50cm, depth 50cm, weight 5,6kg.

Material: Carbon Black powder coated aluminum frame. Ceramic top to cement effect 8mm thickness.

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In this tab you can buy the charming and practical side table of the SERPENT collection. Refined product of great comfort that, besides being able to be used individually, finds the perfect combination if paired with the other furnishings of the same collection (see below in related products). SERPENT collection is distinguished by the great elegance of the lines, the sophisticated interweaving in rope, in addition to the original finish of table tops, in ceramic to cement effect. Details and colors that give this collection uniqueness and high charm. SERPENT knows how to express perfectly, the undisputed class of Skyline Design products, where: strong visual impact, high quality materials and attention to detail, are absolutely distinctive added values. Articles that find space in any interior or outdoor design project: both in private context and for contract solutions. Watch the video and discover the great charm of SERPENT collection.

COVER: all Skyline Design products, they can have (on request) the protective cover. Watch the video or read technical features in the "DOWNLOAD" area.

Skyline Design is a prestigious international brand that offers exclusive furnishing solutions for interior and outdoor design projects. Skyline Design is famous all over the world for the high quality of its products, all strictly handmade. Extremely widespread in the contract market such as hotels, restaurants and resorts, now finally available also for the private client.

For indoor and outdoor use.                                    


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