SMOOTH double border vase, VECA

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SMOOTH double border vase, VECA Expand

Veca Veca

SMOOTH double border vase

Dimensions: see below.

Colors: white, taupe, land of Siena, bronze, anthracite. Note: some color combinations lack the corresponding image.

Material: polyethylene with UV treatment.

More details

  • Ø 35x30,5 h
  • Ø 40x35 h
  • Ø 45x39 h
  • Ø 50x44 h
  • Ø 55x48 h
  • Ø 65x57 h
  • Ø 75x65 h
  • Ø 85x75 h
  • Ø 100x88 h
  • Without saucer
  • With saucer

33,86 €

tax incl.

42,32 € tax incl.


Available dimensions:

- Ø 35cm, height 30,5cm, weight 1kg.

- Ø 40cm, height 35cm, weight 1,5kg.

- Ø 45cm, height 39cm, weight 1,9kg.

- Ø 50cm, height 44cm, weight 2,5kg.

- Ø 55cm, height 48cm, weight 3,3kg.

- Ø 65cm, height 57cm, weight 4,8kg.

- Ø 75cm, height 65cm, weight 6,5kg.

- Ø 85cm, height 75cm, weight 8kg.

- Ø 100cm, height 88cm, weight 11kg.

The SMOOTH double border vase is a product with classic reliefs and shapes, capable of enhancing the importance of the plants it hosts, as well as increasing the elegance of the spaces in which it is placed. Extremely robust vase with an antique charm which, thanks to the many sizes and elegant colors, is ideal for refined outdoor settings such as terraces or porches. Also available in wall or SCALLOPED model, see below in related products.

Product made of polyethylene with rotational molding technique, shock resistant and 100% non-toxic. Equipped with UV treatment against damage caused by the sun and finished by hand. Design and production strictly made in Italy.

VECA is a constantly growing company that has been designing and producing high-quality polyethylene pots for over 30 years. The experience, combined with the propensity to search for innovative solutions, has enabled to adapt rapidly to changing market trends and to become a benchmark in the garden sector both in Italy and in Europe. Each new project is an opportunity to express experience with the utmost care and dedication. Quality and reliability operational are the values on which VECA bases its production. Every product represents this great company, the successful fusion of skills and passion. VECA is also the owner of the LYXO brand, further fascinating products, which can also be purchased in our online store.

For indoor and outdoor use

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