NOVA suspension lamp, Siesta Exclusive

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NOVA suspension lamp

Dimensions: height 32cm, diameter 27cm, weight 1,7kg.

Material: scratch-resistant polycarbonate with 25W energy saving lamp. The diffuser can be removed without dismantling the electrical body, for an easy fitting and removal.

Colors: see below.

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NOVA is a elegant suspension lamp composed of polycarbonate structure extremely durable. Thanks to its many color variations, offers the possibility to find the right shade in the furnishing of any living area, from the kitchen to the living room, with elegance and uniqueness. NOVA suspension lamp is provided of 25W energy saving lamp (with the possibility of supporting even higher lighting powers). It should be noted that, to facilitate assembly and disassembly, the diffuser can be removed without disassembling the electric body. We remember that, with the same features is also available the DODO suspension lamp (see below in the related products). Siesta Exclusive utilizes only plastics materials of great reliability and quality. In all the articles compounds from polycarbonate, is used Makrolon® produced by Covestro: thermoplastic material high-performance, provided with excellent balance, and excellent properties of resistance. A polycarbonate among the most versatile and successful of always.

The advantages:

- High transparency

- High resistance to the break

- High resilience

- Excellent classification of the fire protection

- Usability within a wide temperature range


- With product available in our warehouse 2/3 working days.

- With product to be ordered in the factory 20 working days. (In this case, as soon as you have placed the order, you will be immediately contacted by our staff to warn you of the increased wait). Note: Siesta Exclusive is a brand based in Turkey, consequently, the time required for shipping by ship, with container, is higher.

The ISILPLAST A.S owner of the SIESTA brand, was established in 1978, it has been a leading player for over 30 years in the segment of plastic injection-moulding. The company has evolved continuously since the first injection-moulding press was purchased.

It operates within Europe and internationally, and exports its products to over 80 countries. Our in-line production facilities cover 30.000 square meters and allow us to supply large quantities of goods, therefore guaranteeing fast and on-time deliveries. Creativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation. This is the remarkable and unique set of factors, combined with a strategic vision focusing not only on products but on distribution as well, behind the success of Siesta. A world leader in using plastics, Siesta produces an original, varied collection which is unique for an international clientele. The collection includes chairs and tables, all designed to be multifunctional and multi-purpose, user friendly and with an indisputable style. With their color, sense of irony, play on senses, and unique forms. Siesta products are immediately recognizable throughout the world, offering long lasting, practical enjoyment.


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