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SIRIO table bases

Dimensions: various models and formats, see below. Note: some models do not have an ambient image.

Colors: see below. Further combinations in the "Download" area.

Material: handcrafted forged iron structure, with subsequent hot galvanizing treatment and additional three layers of non-toxic paint, specific for metals.

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  • Round ø 80cm - 199
  • Round ø 100cm - 268
  • Round ø 130cm - 267
  • Square 80x80cm - 269
  • Square 110x110cm - 266
  • Rectangular 140x70cm - 247
  • Rectangular 180x70cm - 248

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In this tab you can buy the various table bases of the Sirio collection. Bases available in many shapes and sizes. All handcrafted and with obsessive attention to detail. Extremely impressive and precious table bases, objects of unquestionable charm and like all Gaia products, designed to last over time. Bases to which you can combine the splendid crystal or travertine tops. Note: on request, it is possible to have additional frame colors. If you are interested, go to the "Download" section, view the color of your interest and then send us an email to:

Special finishes (on request):

5% surcharge for non-catalog colors.

5% surcharge for the corten finish.

10% surcharge for the rust finish.

Important: to complete the table with the elegant and sturdy tops, look below in the related products under the heading "GAIA Ferro Forgiato tops".

Note: when choosing the base, we recommend paying attention (below) to the compatibility of the top. For reasons inherent to the structure, some bases cannot have all the possible variants: travertine top, carved travertine with mosaic inserts, tempered glass, smooth or perforated sheet metal. Therefore, where not specified, your explicit request by e-mail is required.

Square bases:

- Square base 80x80x71h cm, 25kg (article 269), compatible with satin tempered glass top 90x90 cm (article 525A). Note: upon request and with reserved quotation, it is also possible to install the travertine top 90x90cm, 100x100cm, or in smooth sheet metal 15/10 80x80cm.

- Square base 110x110x71h cm, 48kg (article 266), compatible with travertine top 140x140 cm (article 360A).

Round bases:

- Round base Ø80 cm, height 71cm, 27kg (article 199), compatible with tempered glass top Ø100 cm (article 315B), or travertine top Ø120 cm (article 345C).

- Round base Ø100 cm, height 71cm, 29kg (article 268), compatible with tempered glass top Ø120 cm (article 315C), travertine top Ø120 cm (article 345C), or carved travertine top with mosaic inserts Ø130 cm ( article 300A). Note: upon request and with reserved quotation, it is also possible to install the travertine top Ø130 cm.

- Round base ø130 cm, height 71cm, 41kg (article 267), compatible with tempered glass top Ø150 cm (article 315D), or travertine top Ø150 cm (article 345D).

Rectangular bases:

- Rectangular base 140x70x71h cm, 38kg (article 247), compatible with tempered glass top 160x80 cm (article 320D), travertine top 160x80 cm (article 350D), travertine top 160x90 cm (article 350D1), or carved travertine top with mosaic inserts 160x80 cm (item 302A). Note: upon request and with reserved quotation, it is also possible to install the smooth, worked or perforated sheet metal top 140x70 cm.

- Rectangular base 180x70x71h cm, 43kg (article 248), compatible with tempered glass top 200x90 cm (article 320F), or travertine top 200x90 cm (article 350F).

Synonymous with excellence and with its historic headquarters in S. Quirico d’Orcia, Siena (Italy), Gaia designs and manufactures very high quality forged iron furnishings in a completely handcrafted way. Items that, thanks to the innate beauty and attention to detail, are able to definitively break any barrier that may classify and limit these products only for outdoor use. Armchairs, sofas, chairs and tables, able to stand out for the unmistakable harmony and lightness of the lines, as well as for a simple but unmistakable imprint, which can only give a true handcrafted product.

Furnishings that contain shades of simplicity, elegance and art in a single object. For Gaia, the complexity of a sinuous line is only a stimulus to the imagination, thus transforming the raw metal into a unique piece. This is thanks to the high skill and passion of artisans, capable of forging the raw material, as in the past!

All Gaia items have a hot-dip galvanizing treatment, by immersion in a molten zinc bath. This guarantees the product durability over time as well as a total absence of maintenance. Ideal treatment for outdoor use, which also guarantees excellent sustainability and environmental protection.

Made to measure - We also want to remind you that, in order to enhance and satisfy any location and need (domestic or professional), Gaia is able to create tailor-made projects of any kind. Pergolas, gazebos, greenhouses, dehors, pavilions, vases, gates, railings, lamps, lanterns, street lamps, canopies and much more. In this case, write to us by email illustrating your project, later you will be contacted by our design and development studio.

For indoor and outdoor use.


- With product available in stock 4/5 working days.

- With product not available and to be made in the factory, 20/25 working days. In this case, as soon as you have placed your order and to notify you of the longer wait, you will be contacted immediately by our staff. Note: Gaia is a true artisan company, therefore unlike an industry, it does not have large quantities in stock. Each product is made at the express request of the customer.

LineSirio collection
MaterialForged iron
TopVarious combinations
FormatVarious combinations
ArticleTable base

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